Super-Resolution fluorescence microscopy

(3 Hp, SK3514)

January 18th to 22th 2021

The course aims to provide all participants with training in the fundamental theoretical and experimental aspects of super-resolution microscopy (Nobel Prize in 2014).

Scientific tutorials will introduce fundamental and advance aspects of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Experimental demo-session will further deepen the understanding and applicability of super-resolution microscopy.

As the name implies, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is a field in which novel optical approaches and single molecule sensitive fluorescence methods are applied to answer question in cellular biology via nanoscale biological imaging.

The course will be carried out at the national Science for life laboratory in Solna


Lectures / seminars:

Introduction to available super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques

(e.g. STED/PALM/SIM/RESOLFT/DNA-PAINT etc.) and their applicability.

Demo-sessions on commercial super-resolution microscopy platforms.


Registered as PhD-student and submission of access project proposal (link below).

Non KTH-students also need to fill in the KTH-admittance form  (link below).   


Literature study (1 university credit)

Laboratory work (1 university credit)

Examination (1 university credit)

Required reading

Scientific articles (distributed)

Contact&Registration: Hans Blom,; Ilaria Testa,

Last registration date: 2021-01-07


After the course all participants should have acquired the following knowledge/skills:

  • Fundamentals of each super-resolution microscopy method
  • Practical implementation of each super-resolution technique
  • Necessary conditions regarding sample preparations
  • Initial acquaintance of using commercial super-resolution microscopes
  • Present and discuss own scientific work and approaches to apply super-resolution fluorescence microscopy to individual projects

Access project proposal form                                            KTH-admittance form


In the case of an overbooked course (maximum 24 students) selection will be done on submitted project proposals (i.e. necessity of super-resolution imaging). The proposal form can be down loaded from below. When completed the form should be sent to no later than 2018-01-10

Course Time Table

Week 1: January 11 - 15, 2021

Background on superresolution microscopy methods – reading review articles. 

Deliver 3 personal questions on ‘want-to-know-more´ (understand) about each type of principal method SIM | PALM/STORM/PAINT | STED/RESOLFT. 

Week 2:  January 18 - 22, 2021

Lectures, webinars, demo and discussion sessions. 

Week 3: January 25 - 29, 2021

Examination – to pass the course each participant hand in an ´improved´ project proposal, with know-how on possibilities and constrains acquired during the course. 

Course Memo can be down loaded here: 

Exam (grades)

The super-resolution fluorescence microscopy course ends with a take-home exam (project proposal writing) where each PhD-student addresses how to apply or further develop one or several techniques in their own research.  The grade of the course is either pass or fail.