Super-resolution wide-field microscopy. The multicolor capability of 3D-SIM allows the imaging of several cellular components and the mapping of their relative positions in macromolecular complexes, enabling the study of their spatial relationship within the surrounding cellular contexts


With this approach the lateral and axial resolution increases by a factor of two beyond the classical diffraction limit

x, y ≈ 100 nm;   z ≈ 300nm

Possible Fluorophores

An attractive feature of structured illumination for cell biological applications is the fact that standard dyes and staining protocols can be used and multiple cellular structures can be simultaneously imaged with optical sectioning in three dimensions

Up to four colors e.g. DAPI; Alexa488; Alexa568, Alexa647, or similar spectral dyes or fluorescent proteins.

Possible samples

Fixed cells and tissues

Super-resolution 3D-SIM - Structured illumination microscopy