At the multimodal Facility, the scientific and technical staff is involved at every stage: in the planning of a new imaging / microscopy project (sample preparation, selection of fluorescent dyes, choice of microscopy system), during the initial phase (helping with the actual experimental setup including the soft- and hardware settings), and in image analysis and quantification (advice on usage of image analysis software). Only this allows the Facility staff to provide the best support at all stages of the project and to adapt the experimental settings to the specific needs.

This multi-modal assimilation of specialized staff and technologies provides complementary and often unique information, spatial, structural, biochemical and biophysical details from the same target sample. We are committed to developing a functional systems microscopy approach, which can address new scientific questions with a multimodal imaging strategy using only a few or many samples.

In detail, we will provide the following services and resources in a single-core facility:

Helping you Identify, Analyze and Resolve Challenging Problems in need of Microscopy!


A single core facility with  highly specialized scientific and technical staff  offer a wider array of high-quality imaging services to the whole life science community. We allow Users to think broadly and select the best possible instrument(s), light and/or electron microscope(s), to provide detailed answers to their scientific questions at the highest resolution!

Multimodal Microscopy