Light sheet microscopy

Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy permits optical sectioning of large samples, with little to no phototoxicity or photobleaching and high temporal resolution.

The facility offers access to a commercially available Lightsheet Z.1 (Zeiss) microscope, allowing users to image live and optically cleared samples at unprecedented speeds. Collaborative project support is provided with sample mounting, image acquisitions, post-acquisition processing and analysis of the resulting data.


Light Sheet microscopy - live, fixed and optically cleared samples

Sample preparation and mounting

Post-acquisition processing - Image stitching, multiview fusion and deconvolution

Data analysis - Arivis Vision 4D and Imaris 8.x


Zeiss Light Sheet Z.1 including:

Dual side Illumination with pivot scan to reduce shadows and striping artifacts

CO2 and temperature control modules

Two sCMOS PCOedge cameras for simultanous dual colour acquisition


Morphogenesis, Embryogenesis and Organogenesis - in model organisms such as zebrafish and Drosophila melanogaster

3D cell culture - spheroids, tissue and organotypic culture

Imaging optically cleared samples - CLARITY, PARS, iDISCO etc.

Expansion microscopy

Plants - Arabidopsis

Images top left to bottom right: Embryonic Kidney from rat, Ant head, Glomerulus from rat kidney following tissue expansion, Drangonfly head.