SciLifeLab’s Advanced Microscopy Symposium

We cordially welcome you to a symposium covering advanced optical
microscopy sample preparation applications from world leading experts

Time: Wednesday 10th of JUNE 2020
Place: AIR/FIRE hall at Scilifelab in Solna, Tomtebodav. 23A

09:00pm:      Opening

                     Hans Blom – Scilifelab/KTH

09:05pm:      Expanded cells super-resolved
                     Davide Gambarotto – University Geneva, Switzerland

09:50pm:      Expanded tissue super-resolved
                     David Unnersjö-Jess – University of Cologne, Germany

10:35:           Coffee 

10:55pm:      Cool sample prepping for Electron Microscopy

                     Marta Carroni – SU/SciLifeLab

11:40pm:      Live cell staining super-resolved

                     Ilaria Testa – KTH/SciLifeLab

12:25pm:      Bioimaging across scales

                     Luxendo – Luxendo*

     *Lightsheet-demos contact: