Stockholm University - SU, IVMSU

Intravital Microscopy Stockholm University

The Intravital Imaging Facility at Stockholms University (IVMSU) is an open access facility, which is equipped for a broad range of IVM-applications that require both multi- and single-photon microscopy. At IVMSU it is possible to perform intravital imaging of cellular and subcellular processes at high spatial resolution over long periods of time and at repeated imaging sessions.


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Techniques available at IVMSU

* Intravital fluorescence microscopy, multiphoton excitation

* In vivo Calcium imaging

* Second Harmonic Generation

* Third Harmonic Generation

* Time-correlated single photon measurements (FLIM, FLIM/FRET)

* Autofluorescence

* Photomanipulation

Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching





* CLARITY imaging

* Confocal imaging, single-photon excitation