Royal Institute of Technology - KTH

Cellular and Molecular imaging

The Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) facility provide state-of-the art superresolution fluorescence microscopy for nanoscale biological visualization. The Cell profiling facility provides high-throughput multiplexed profiling of protein targets in individual cells. Furthermore, the Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) facility provides support for single molecule dynamic studies in solution or in living cells.

Head of Facilites

Advanced Light Microscopy – Hans Blom –

Cell profiling – Charlotte Stadler –

Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy – Stefan Wennmalm –

Services ALM

* Super-resolution microscopy in cells and thin tissue (fixed or living samples).

   Performed with: 3D-STED, 3D-SIM, 3D-STORM/PALM.

* Support with sample preparation, optimization and selection of fluorescent probes.

* Support and access to image analysis software for data processing.

* 3D imaging of thick/large tissue samples supported with lightsheet microscopy

Services Cell profiling

* Automated image analysis and Manual image analysis.

* siRNA knockdown.

* Target protein analysis using immunostaining and confocal microscopy.

   Using external or HPA antibodies in human or rodent cell lines.

Services FCS

* Analysis and interpretation of experimental data.

* Project planning and experimental design of FCS-measurements.

* Support in specimen preparation.

* Training in FCS-techniques.