Swedish National Microscopy Infrastructure Mobility Grants

Open call for application for mobility grants for bioimage-driven projects in need of travel support to use one of the national NMI nodes.

Application deadline for project starting in the winter of 2019, is November 15th, 2400h


These mobility grants will strategically contribute to the NMI aim of maximizing image-based research outputs by enabling access to advanced microscopy technology at the NMI Facilities, for scientists lacking them locally, and knowledge transfer to support careers and regional development.

These mobility grants are aimed at supporting individual mobility for post-graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or research staff affiliated to University or Research Institute in Sweden to visit one of the NMI Facility in another city. Thus, bringing together researchers of different scientific backgrounds and Microscopy Scientists working at the facilities, within national multi-disciplinary projects will increase the potential for scientific breakthroughs, high-impact publications, building of interdisciplinary activities and creating collaborations that may not currently be represented by the local imaging community.

The scientific context will be strictly limited to BioImage-driven projects involving advanced microscopy technology and knowledge transfer in the field of Life Science, existing at the NMI facility, please, check here for available technologies.

Eligibility and terms:

Applicants.   Category 1: The applicant must be engaged in an official research programme as post-graduate student, postdoctoral

                                              fellow or research staff affiliated to University or Research Institute in Sweden.

                         Category 2: The applicant must be employed or affiliated at one of the NMI nodes.

Finance and duration. A grant will cover travel and accommodation up to 15 000 SEK. The financial support is a contribution to the costs, NMI mobility grants may not necessarily cover all the costs. The grant will be transferred to the grantee only after the final report has been approved by the NMI grant committee.

Selection criteria:

1.  The project serves the goal of fostering collaboration in the field of advanced microscopy.

2.  The NMI mobility grants serves for the exchange of know-how, meaning that researchers either exchange expertise due to the planned scientific visit, get practical skills by learning unique “technology” not available in their home institution and/or learn new theoretical methods or experimental approaches.

3.  The scientific quality of the proposed NMI mobility grants is high and the work plan for its realization is well founded. Only projects approved for support in the NMI application portal will be considered for the mobility grant.

4.  The application should be financially justified meaning that the estimate of expenses is reasonable.

5.  Grants for category 1 applicants will focus on selecting excellent projects where potential scientific breakthrough and competitiveness are clearly impaired by the lack of imaging technologies in their home institution. Grants for category 2 applicants will focus on the transfer of specific technology and skills between the facilities.

All applications should be done according to the descriptions found in the application information document (download below) using the form Work-Plan NMI mobility grant (download below). Incomplete applications or applications that do not comply with the Applicaiton information will not be evaluated.

Questions about the mobility grant should be sent to contact@nmisweden.se

Completed applications hould be sent as a single pdf to nmimobilitygrant@nmisweden.se

Information NMI mobility grant

Work-Plan NMI mobility grant

NMI Mobility Grant Final Report