The Swedish National Microscopy Infrastructure has the ambition to promote and provide expertise and access to state-of-the-art microscopy for the life science. The NMI  is open to the entire scientific community, public and private, from Sweden and abroad, desiring to develop or use different imaging approaches for their fundamental and translational biological projects.

  • Helps structuring the Swedish scientific community and plays a key role in the construction of an efficient research and innovation environment.

  • Bringing together researchers of different scientific backgrounds within national/international multi-disciplinary projects will increase the potential for scientific breakthroughs, for forming new research fields and creating collaborations that may not currently be represented by the local imaging community.

  •   As a truly coordinated Infrastructure speeding up the technological and scientific transfer of bioimaging innovations on its nodes, we provide fast access to innovative imaging techniques and methods.   

  •     As a gateway for collaborative projects between public and private sectors in the field of advanced microscopy.