The National Microscopy Infrastructure Steering Committee is composed by the National Coordinator assisted of the administrative officer and seven legal members and their substitutes nominated by the partner Universities.

The Operational Management  group comprises the four nodes coordinators .

NMI Steering Committee

• Mathias Uhlen (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

• Ruth Palmer (University of Gothenburg)

• Bernt Eric Uhlin (Umeå University)

• Sören Nylin (Stockholm University)

• Jonas Tegenfeldt (Lund University)

• Karl-Eric Magnusson (Linköping University)

• Carolina Wählby (Uppsala University)

• Coodinator: Hjalmar Brismar

• Project coordinator: Lena Scott

• Katia Gallo (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

• Fredrik Höök (Univ of Gothenburg/Chalmers)

• Katrine Riklund (Umeå University)

• Ylva Engström (Stockholm University)

• Angela Cenci Nilsson (Lund University)

• Elena Vikström (Linköping University)

• Anders Tengholm (Uppsala University)

TASK:  Approves the budget, establish strategy for development, establish policy for project prioritization, Initiates review

NMI Operational Management Group

• Hjalmar Brismar (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

• Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez (University of Gothenburg)

• Linda Sandblad (Umeå University)

• Roger Karlsson (Stockholm University)

TASK:  Executive responsibility, prepares budget, Day-to-Day work, Management, Support decision, Process Plan, Networking & Communication,  Working plan