NMI Event

Advanced Microscopy for Life Sciences NMI online course

REGISTRATION is CLOSED:Online course for all scientists interested in advanced microscopy, 22 - 24 September 2021. The course offer an insight to all imaging techniques provided by  NMI. Experts from the NMI nodes are present throughout the course.

NMI Event

PhD course: New Imaging and Fluctuation Methods, Super-Resolution, Light-Sheet, STED-FCS and FRET-FCS

ALM gives a two-week online course focusing on new imaging and fluorescence spectroscopy techniques. 3 ECTS credits. May 31 - June 11

Other Event

Euro-BioImaging Virtual Pub

Every Friday at 13.00 CET, Node staff and Friends of Euro-BioImaging join with the Euro-BioImaging Hub staff for a virtual meeting - about topics that interest us all. We showcase our Nodes' success stories and expertise, exciting science, travel grants, new technologies - and more! 

NMI Event

Introduction course in Image analysis for Life science, autumn 2021

Arrange by the Gothenburg NMI node. This course provides a hands-on introduction to image processing and analysis, with emphasis on biologically relevant examples.

Other Event

ELMI 2021, 22-25 June, virtual

Due to the current situation, the 2021 meeting will take place the first time in a virtual format. We will do our best to maintain the unique format as well as possible. The focus of the scientific sessions is on leading edge developments and its implementation to life science

Other Event

CTLS2021 Conference, 2021

Core Facilities are key-players in modern institutions. Their still emergent role inevitably entails new paradigms regarding their scope and structure. The CTLS2021 conference aims to address several of these points, contributing to shape the future of the technical and scientific landscape of life sciences in Europe

NMI Event

The IMARIS Open virtual workshop


Imaris and Stockholm Universities IVMSU and IFSU present: The IMARIS Open virtual workshop taking place on the 5th of October, covering an Introduction to IMARIS, hands-on training and individual IMARIS 1-1 Clinic.  

Other Event

MiFoBio 2021

Pre-registration open!

9th edition of MiFoBio, France Bioimaging: Functional Microscopy for Biology.

Other Event

Core Facility Leadership and Management Course

GerBI-GMB in collaboration with hfp consulting, a group specialised in supporting scientists to improve their leadership and management skills, have developed an intense, interactive and highly specialised workshop that addresses these challenges.

National Microscopy Infrastructure

NMI is a Swedish infrastructure for the use and support of advanced microscopy in life science. NMI is supported from the Swedish Research Council and cofinanced from the participating Universities, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Umeå University and University of Gothenburg.


The mission of NMI is to provide faster access to innovative technology and competence in microscopy for the life science research community. NMI will also coordinate national and international knowledge exchange in microscopy.

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