NMI Event

Hands on Immunofluorecence

This national course is addressed to PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees within life science at any Swedish university, curious about immunofluorescence and fluorescence microscopy. Application deadline October 1st 2019

Other Event

The European Microscopy Congress 2020 in Copenhagen

Hosted by SCANDEM, and organised by the RMS under the auspices of the EMS and IFSM. We look forward to welcoming you to Copenhagen from 23-28 August 2020 for what promises to be a really great event.

Other Event

EMBL in Sweden 2019: Imaging from atoms to cells

All EMBL staff, alumni, their colleagues and networks in Sweden and the nordic countries are invited to the EMBL in Sweden event at the Academicum, University of Gothenburg on Friday 18 October 2019.

NMI Event

Seminar and Workshop, Stockholm, November 19

IFSU/IVMSU hosts a workshop on IMARIS at Stockholm University. Seminar is open to all, attendance in workshop is limited to first 20 registered.


NMI - A research infrastructure of national interest!

The NMI will continue be funded by the Swedish Research Council. The decision was published on 26 Sep 2019!


Free Online Support on BioImage Analysis

Every 1st Tuesday of the month the BioImage Informatics Facility together with microscopy expert Sylvie Le Guyader (LCI, Karolinska Institutet) organizes the online support session Call4Help.

NMI Event

Advanced microscopy for Life Sciences - NMI on Tour!

A course for all scientists interested in advanced microscopy. The 3 days course offer an insight to all imaging techniques provided by NMI. Experts from all nodes will be present throughout the course. Course hosted by örebro University, 12-14 November 2019

Other Event

NEUBIAS training schools - Portugal, October 14-17 

NEUBIAS schools are an excellent opportunity to learn from many experts in Bioimage Analysis. The schools will include practical sessions and seminars on ImageJ for analysis and publication, scripting/macros in ImageJ and Python and session on ethics in image analysis and “work on own data”.


Sweden became a founding member of the Euro-Bioimaging research infrastructure

In April 2019, Sweden officially became a founding member of the “Euro-Bioimaging” research infrastructure (EuBI ERIC)!

National Microscopy Infrastructure

NMI is a Swedish infrastructure for the use and support of advanced microscopy in life science. NMI is supported from the Swedish Research Council and cofinanced from the participating Universities, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Umeå University and University of Gothenburg.


The mission of NMI is to provide faster access to innovative technology and competence in microscopy for the life science research community. NMI will also coordinate national and international knowledge exchange in microscopy.

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Framtidens Forskning - published a very nice feature on CCI and interview with head of facility Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez.

Read the  entire article at Framtidens Forskning

June 2018

Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez head of the NMI node at Gothenburg University is now a member of the SCANDEM, Nordic Microscopy Society, board