NMI Event

Super Resolution Microscopy 3.0 credits


Arranged by the NMI Advanced Microscopy Facility at KTH. The course is aimed to aquire extended knowhow on how all superresolution techniques work and how to apply them in biological research. Jan - Feb 2018

Other Event

Electron Microscopy PhD course - University of Copenhagen, Oct 2017


The course provides an essential grounding in the basic principles of electron microscopy, including electron optics, electromagnetic lenses, principles of transmission and scanning electron microscopy, electron sources, vacuum systems, specimen-electron interactions and diffraction.


Other Event

Adavanced Electron Microsocpy for Cell Biology, 2017


This course offers the opportunity to acquire a portfolio of cutting edge EM methods; allowing the participants to integrate EM tools and readouts into the workflow of their own cell biological research projects.

NMI Event

Tools and Techniques for 3D Light and Electron Microscopy


Workshop for Specialists - Master Your Multiscale Challenge Tools and Techniques for 3D Light and Electron Microscopy, arranged by the CCI in Gothenburg and Carl Zeiss, December 2017

Other Event

The 7th International NanoSIMS user meeting


The 7th International NanoSIMS user meeting -NanoSIMS & correlative microscopy: exploring physical and (bio)-chemical boundaries, will take place at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig on the 22-24th of August 2017.

Other Event

Image Analysis course in Copenhagen


The course will be an introduction to image processing and analysis, with a focus on biologically relevant examples. Copenhagen, June 2017.

NMI Event

5th Nordic Advanced Microscopy Workshop


The Advanced Microscopy Workshops bring together researchers from the Nordic countries working with advanced microscopy modalities. The meeting is organized by the NMI BioImaging Facilities in Solna and ZEISS, September 2017


NMI Event

Basic Course in SEM and TEM, 20 – 22 September 2017


The Basic EM Course provides general and basic introduction to PhD students and postdocs, who would like to work with EM methods in their projects. The course covers fundamental theory and operational principles as well as specimen preparation techniques for SEM/TEM.

Other Event

NEUBIAS conference 2018: Training Schools, Taggathon and Symposium


The NEUBIAS conference is a forum to exchange the newest findings, applications, and cutting-edge developments in Bioimage Analysis, machine learning, data mining, and storage. European…


National Microscopy Infrastructure


NMI is a Swedish infrastructure for the use and support of advanced microscopy in life science. NMI is supported from the Swedish Research Council and cofinanced from the participating Universities, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Umeå University and University of Gothenburg.


The mission of NMI is to provide faster access to innovative technology and competence in microscopy for the life science research community. NMI will also coordinate national and international knowledge exchange in microscopy.

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Akademiliv wrote about the successfull Neubias training schools in advanced image analysis. Part of the organising team was Julia Fernandez-Rodrigez from the NMI node at Gothenburg University .

Article is in swedish.


Link to article at Akademiliv.